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Hover to discover on links displays oddly in OWA compared to Outlook Client

I am trying to further educate users to heighten awareness of phishing.  I have a question regarding "hover to discover" in Outlook Web App.  In Outlook 2013, when a user hovers over a link the entire link details are revealed in a pop up box so it can be analyzed.  Often times it is several lines long but the important parts are there.
2018-10-16_11-45-13.gifIn Outlook Web App, hover to discover doesn't work the same way using IE 11.  Instead of popping up a box with the link information, it will show the information only in the footer bar of Internet Explorer 11 which is not useful since most of the address is hidden being too long to display.  

16.gifIs there a way to get hover to discover to work the same way as it does in full Outlook Client?

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