Surface Pro 4 only boots to “Surface UEFI”

Hi - I have a surface pro 4, that ONLY boots to the “surface UEFI” screen, and I can’t get past it. I’ve seen suggestions to disable secure boot, but that change hasn’t helped. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Usually happens when the disk no longer has a valid boot partition. You're likely going to need to boot from USB and reinstall the OS from scratch.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
We had some issues with a couple of Surfaces getting hung up and this worked for us. It's a solution from Microsoft where you force a hard reboot of it.
There is a process that you can try that should overcome this problem, at least when the OS partition (as opposed to the boot partition) is still intact:
1 Boot some Recovery media, like a windows setup USB stick
2 use your image backup tool to create a backup image of your c: drive (and if present, other data drives)
3 use diskpart clean to clear the drive
4 reinstall windows - it will boot
5 restore your c: (and eventually data drives) right over the newly installed OS drive.
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hodgemAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all input. There isnt a whole lot on this hard drive, so I decided to simply reinstall windows from a Windows 10 Pro DVD, but it doesnt seem to detect the hard drive. Is it likely that the SSD drive is shot, or do I need to install drivers for the SSD drive?
No drivers needed for the hard drive controller on a surface.
Please open the UEFI firmware/"Bios" and see whether a drive is detected in there.
hodgemAuthor Commented:
Hmm - I don't specifically see someplace in the UEFI that shows me whether an SSD card is there, or not. It lists PCinformation, which doesn't show anything. Security, Devices (which just shows what is enabled on it, like camera/audio/WiFi/Bluetooth) boot configuration (which shows windows boot manager/internal storage/usb storage/PXE network) all of which are checked off) date and time/about/ and exit.
Please look at "device info" or similar, see
hodgemAuthor Commented:
Please see attached on what shows on mine.
Yes, what's below the Devices section?
hodgemAuthor Commented:
see attached -
That's not about hard drives... sorry, I don't have a SF4 to compare with. What's in the boot section?
hodgemAuthor Commented:
see attached
Ok... so there is no model name to be found and we cannot be sure if that thing even lives.
I have not seen many SSDs ever die, but "never say never".

I would boot some cloning software and see if it finds a source drive to clone from. Take clonezilla
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