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Windows 10 Update stuck at 0%

I'm experiencing several issue with computer in my environment receiving updates from WSUS. The updates download but remain at 0%. When rebooting, the computer attempts to install updates taking a while longer than expected and shows windows is updating. I have to manually shut this down as the it is sometimes hours and no updates are installed. I've completed the following:

1. Run Windows Troubleshooter for Windows Updates
2. Checked the BITS, which continuously switched from automatic to manual and stops servers. Windows Updates remains at manual and services are started for this worked.
3. Settings for Updates have been verified on the workstation for how updates are selected with other pc on the network.
4. Should Windows defender remain enabled although we use a third party anti virus program (Trend Micro Worry Free Business security)?

What other information I can offer is this workstation was upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I appreciate any feedback with this inquiry as it will help with future install of Windows 10 in our environment.
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2 (a) in addition clear C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and try updating again.
4. That should be OK. It should stop real time checking if another AV is installed and is real time.

Try disconnecting it from WSUS and letting it update manually. Does that work?
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I was able to delete files from the software distribution folder and the updates started, but they appear to be stuck on 5% for installing for two updates. We typically use WSUS in our environment for updates. There's only a few workstation that seem to have issues updating. I'm not sure what you mean by disconnecting from WSUS and letting the machine update manually. I've noticed these issues when updating to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Are there any other recommendations you might be able to offer?
I was suggesting you let the problem computers update via the Internet and not WSUS to see if they update
Hi John,

I was able to try you recommendation and the workstation did update. I appreciate the help on that. How would you suggest I tackle WSUS for this issue in the future? We are planning to upgrade our Win 2008 R2 server to Windows 2016. Will this help with issues we currently experience on 2008 or could we run into the same issues?
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Awesome news and Thanks so kindly with your help.
You are very welcome and I was happy to help you.
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...and that is partly wrong. WSUS on server 2008/2008 R2 does support delivering security updates to windows 10. However, it does not support to deploy feature updates (the big upgrades, ->1803/1809 for example). You should check whether your client has even detected and tried to install those, because else, it is another problem.

Again: 2008 WSUS servers can be used as long as we use another way to deploy feature updates (or even use LTSB).

I appreciate your feedback. It appears to be with builds 1703 that are experiencing some issues. My question is why does it only happen on certain model of notebook when there are other notebooks that have the same build of Windows 10 installed? I can see updating downloading but not installing. The quick fix was to remove the workstation from the WSUS group and install updates from the web, but I would not want to have to do this every month updates are deployed. Is there a settings we need to tweak in WSUS?
You need to share what particular updates are being stuck. Share the KBxxxxxx name, please.
They appear to be the Cumulative Updates for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based System (KB338826).
Ok. As we were running Server 2008 with WSUS ourselves at the time when 1703 was out, I can assure you that cumulative updates for 1703 were deployable with it, so whatever you see, it is not WSUS' fault.

Please be aware that the support for 1703 has run out just now. You should switch to a newer build soon, since from november on, there will be no security updates for 1703 any more. Maybe your problem vanishes then, anyway.
Ok, I'll look into this and appreciate your feedback on this item.