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How much is SQL Enterprise regarding physical/virtual CPU usage?

I want to do some work that states it needs SQL Enterprise. I would think either SQL2012 or SQL2016. The task is irrelevant. I know it is more expensive than SQL Standard. We use VMware on blade servers that have numerous physical Intel CPUs and of course have hyperthreading. I know MS changed their licensing not long ago.

Let's say (to keep numbers round) i want to assign 10vCPUs to this new SQL2012/2016 VM. If my blade server happens to have 20 physical sockets with hyperthreading enabled, how would MS charge me for that VM?  If - let's say just to make it easy - MS charged $100 per whatever Ent SQL metric they now use to charge for SQL - how much would that cost me?  These are notional amounts, but you understand what i'm asking. How much would this situation cost me with those make-believe numbers - so i can then take that process and apply it to my real-world hardware/software?

If you would be so kind, please try and provide the notional $$ amount and a link for actual info as well. This is a side-project and was hoping not to investigate too much - time wise :)
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Jody Davis

8/22/2022 - Mon
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)

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Raja Jegan R

Above link from Andrew would be a good start for the Licensing guide..
Since you wanted to calculate the rough amount, sharing some unofficial license cost calculators..
Enterprise Edition
Standard Edition

Another website, with SA costs included..

>If my blade server happens to have 20 physical sockets with hyperthreading enabled, how would MS charge me for that VM?

They would buy the server off you and sell it to a blade server manufacturer to clone it, Did you mean 20 cores?
Jody Davis

Using the SQL server pricing list for 2017 from the link you provided, Andrew - am i right in saying if i wanted to create a VMware VM and install SQL server 2017 and have 2-VMware vCPUs for the VM - the cost for that server for just SQL alone would be over $14k?
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William Peck

RRP is over $14k, you may get a discount. May be better to sort through your blades to see if you have a dual-core one and use that, at least you could turn hyper-threading on to get 4 virtual cores at the same price.
Jody Davis

Thanks guys, more than i wanted to pay for. but this is what i needed to know.