Both the signer and the author of this request must have Delete Document privileges in the Domino Directory.

poramboku used Ask the Experts™
what exactly is the difference between lotus notes/domino database move vs user move to another server
when should be it be used.
my agenda is to move a user from from 1 serverA to serverB so I can accumulate space on serverA.

and when deleting got a message
after a user move when trying to approve for mail file deletion,
 Both the signer and the author of this request must have Delete Document privileges in the Domino Directory.
I am a member of "local domain admins" in domino directory and this "local domain admins" group has delete document privileges on names.nsf
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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

A database move moves only the database, whereas a user move moves the mail database and changes some settings in the user's Person document (Home server, etc).

I never had the problem you describe, but I could find some interesting documents for you:

One is about two admins with different privileged, the other about a server without the Delete privilige.

Is this helpful? And what Domino release(s) do you have?


@ Sjef Bosman
Does the move database leaves a replica/copy in the current server and crates one in the new server?
and if so, will the person document will be updated?

User move moves the database and updates person document. - it works as expected.

when my administrator approves it, it still resides in the current server server and got a message in admin4.nsf
it looks because of "delete documents" privilege is not assigned on names.nsf
this is due to security restrictions - that only administrator should have access and co-admins should not.
Groupware Consultant
If you only move a database, the database is copied to the new server and then removed from the original server, but nothing else is changed. It's just like a new replica is created on the new server and then the original db is removed. Unless you prefer or don't mind to configure the other settings manually, this is not the right solution for a mail database, because Notes needs to know the Home server for every user. After all, it is just a database, and all settings can be changed quite easily...

Did everything else work? Is the user moved to the other server, i.e. is new mail sent to the new Home server for the user? If that is the case, you might just remove the original mail database manually.

Please check that your case isn't the same as the one described here:

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