Set Magnification for URL in MS Access WebControl Using VB

In MS Access, I have a webcontrol on a form.  I want to be able to force magnification for the URL to 125 percent.  I have found several articles on Google about this, but nothing seems to work for me.  Here is what I have now - the last line represents the best suggestion I was able to find on the intrawebs:

DoCmd.OpenForm "WebBrowser", acNormal
Forms!WebBrowser.RecordSource = "Wordpress"
    Forms!WebBrowser.Filter = "[Select]=-1"
    Forms!WebBrowser.FilterOn = True

'''''  the URL comes from tbWordpress from either be in Site, NewPost or NewPage in the Wordpress table
    Forms!WebBrowser!WebBrowser0.ControlSource = "NewPost"
Chuck MorrisonIndependent Consultant (Healthcare)Asked:
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Fabrice LambertConsultingCommented:
Hmm, instead of using akward API calls, what about using a textbox right above the webbrowser control ?

Simply configure the texbox in design mode, have VBA update its data, and you're done.
Chuck MorrisonIndependent Consultant (Healthcare)Author Commented:
Text box for what?  The URL?  The zoom level?
Fabrice LambertConsultingCommented:
For the URL of course.
Choose a font and its size matching your needs, and never ever touch it again.
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Chuck MorrisonIndependent Consultant (Healthcare)Author Commented:
The URL for the WebBrowser control is variable as is (possibly) the magnification, so I can't set and forget.  The control needs to be magnified not the URL.  Some webpages will need to be 125%, some will need to be 75%.  I need help understanding how putting a URL in a text box with a specific font is going to change the magnification in the control?
Fabrice LambertConsultingCommented:
So, this is the control, not the URL.
I want to be able to force magnification for the URL to 125 percent.
Ehence the confusion.
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
This works for me:

Private Sub SetZoomLevel(Optional ByVal InOut As Long)

    Const DefaultZoomLevel  As Long = 0
    Const MinimumZoomLevel  As Long = -2
    Const MaximumZoomLevel  As Long = 2
    Const ZoomOffset        As Long = 2

    Static CurrentZoomLevel As Long
    Dim ZoomLevel           As Long
    Select Case Sgn(InOut)
        Case 1
            If CurrentZoomLevel < MaximumZoomLevel Then
                CurrentZoomLevel = CurrentZoomLevel + 1
            End If
        Case -1
            If CurrentZoomLevel > MinimumZoomLevel Then
                CurrentZoomLevel = CurrentZoomLevel - 1
            End If
        Case 0
            CurrentZoomLevel = DefaultZoomLevel
    End Select
    ZoomLevel = CurrentZoomLevel + ZoomOffset

End Sub

Private Sub ZoomIn_Click()

    SetZoomLevel 1

End Sub

Private Sub ZoomOut_Click()

    SetZoomLevel -1

End Sub

Private Sub ZoomZero_Click()


End Sub

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The trick is (ZoomLevel) which forces a read-only value to be passed.

Note however, that the zoom effect may not be what you expect; it only adjusts the size of the fonts and these will on many sites be supervised by the page itselft, not this setting.

See the attached demo.

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