Sharing Ethernet jack with IP Phones

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We are looking at moving from an in house phone system to a cloud based VOIP system. The issue is we only have one Ethernet jack at each workstation.  I have heard that it is not a good idea to connect the ip phone to the jack and then connect the workstation/laptop to the ip phone's Ethernet jack.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Does it work or does it slow down the workstation, cause connectivity issues, etc.?  Any comments are appreciated.

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It depends...
If you have 1Gbps speeds on PC's but the phone can only handle 10Mbps then all PC Networking will slow down to 10Mbps...
Hence the advice to not go through phones to network.
Also you will need to configure different VLAN's to achieve this.

It will work, but probably not as expected....
A better way might be to cluster systems & phone that are near using small 8 port switches.
HP 1810G/8 f.e. (or likewise).
In addition to the 100/1G issue there is another one.  With the few types of VoIP phones I've used, when you reboot the phone, the internal switch goes down and the computer loses connectivity.  It comes back a minute or so when the phone is back up, but some software isn't very forgiving about losing a connection.

It can be easy to avoid the problem when you know that the phone will reboot.  You have to be careful that phone maintenance doesn't cause an unplanned reboot.

From my experience, separate VLANs may be a good idea, but certainly not necessary.  I've had VoIP phones on a network without VLANs and had no serious issues related to that.



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