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PS script for report of accounts havent logged in for a long time

Is there a powershell script that can run a report against active directory to seek and find accounts who havent logged into the forest in a long time?
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You can check last long time for user using PS. Check this Script:

Test it.
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austin minor

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austin that is what i wanted. do you oknow if i can add filters to not show some accounts on the report and also how can i sort by lastlogontimestamp?
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Jeremy Weisinger

You filter the results by using Where-Object (aka ?). So if you have a list of users you could match the current name against it.
And sorting is easy enough. Sort-Object <property name>.  Putting it together is something like this:
$userfilter = Get-Content C:\filterlist.txt
Search-ADAccount -UsersOnly -AccountInactive -TimeSpan 90 | ?{$_.enabled -eq $True} | Get-ADUser -Properties Name, EmailAddress, Department, Description, lastLogonTimestamp | ?{$userfilter -notmatch $_.SamAccountName} | Select Name, EmailAddress, Department, Description,@{n='lastLogonTimestamp';e={[DateTime]::FromFileTime($_.lastLogonTimestamp)}} | sort lastlogontimestamp | Export-Csv D:\temp\testfunytest.csv

Open in new window

Note the additions of
$userfilter = Get-Content C:\filterlist.txt
?{$userfilter -notmatch $_.SamAccountName}
sort lastlogontimestamp

Be sure to edit for your environment.