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My Exchange 2010 transaction logs are out of control.

Exchange 2010 transaction logs out of control. 18,000 so far just today. I've researched on line for the answer to what is causing it but nothing really shows me what's happening. Does anybody have a sure fire way to find out who or what is doing all these transactions? I don't want to leave circular logging on but that's the only way to control them.
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Can you provide more details like how many users and describe your exchange architecture.  The more the better.
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Single server setup. 135 users. Setup as a small Hosted Exchange service using address book policies. 20 domains. Rollup 24 installed. Basic stuff. It's running on Server 2008 R2 in a virtual machine.
how big is the actual DB? are you backing up  exchange and committing the logs?  
what is the status of the queues?  it does sound like a lot for a single day.

Do you have a spam solution?  can you confirm the amount of emails that are coming through?

Yes. Acronis backup each night.
Symantec MSMSE for spam. We do get a lot.
The database does not grow.
From 8:22 to 11:08  1000 emails (tracking log max of 1000)
any mailbox moves happening or discoverys ? they generate alot of logs
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have you put on a port monitor for port 25 to see if anyone is relaying through your server. Could be a client machine infected and sending to your exchange. would also look at upgrading to exchange 2013 or 2016 as 2010 is no longer in support.