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Sending mail from asp.net

RTSol asked
I want send mail from a asp.net application. My question is: which is the best approach to this?
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Use a high quality relay service.

A good starting point is MailGun.

If you're sending email which must deliver, then use a dedicated IP (one or more).

How you warmup your sender address + sender IP depends on content you're sending + size of list.

If you have a large list or plan on sending large amounts of email, best to hire a deliverability expert to help you craft your entire mail infrastructure + all campaign sequences.
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Send email to who? Customers? Internal staff?

What kind of email? Advertising? Informational? Logging?



I have a rather simple mail task but using mail relays like gmail doesn't work that great. In a web page I need to send mails every now and then. The FROM parameter is allways the same: noreply@domain.com. The TO parameter can be any user email. Sometimes there are attachments to the mail.
David FavorFractional CTO
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You said, "I have a rather simple mail task but using mail relays like gmail doesn't work that great".

Keep in mind, there's a big difference between sending email + having your email be deliverable.

You can send email all day + it will be rejected by every email Provider, unless you do one of two things.

1) Use a relay service like MailGun, in which case you'll be up + running + mail will be deliverable in a few minutes.

2) Setup your own SPF, DKIM, DMARC infrastructure + warmup your Sender Address + Sender IP + Sender Hostname + keep it warm... which will take weeks to months + be a full time job.

If you've got time to burn, do #2, you'll learn a lot.

If you're looking for a simple solution, which will be working in a few minutes, choose #1.