jQuery reload entire page after Confirm alert is clicked

Robert Granlund
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jQuery.  Is there a way to reload an entire page, after a confirmation alert is clicked?
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Sure, use "window.location.reload()".


(No, EE admins, more details aren't needed for that.)
One of the solutions is location.reload(), as David mentioned. This will refresh your page and stay at the scrolled position. If this is what you want, go with it.

If you want to refresh the page and go to the top, use "location.href = location.href" instead; this will reload and go to the top which is sometimes useful when the page content changes a lot due to user action. Side effect: this will use a GET request even when the original page has been shown by a POST. Also useful to avoid the confirmation nagging in some postback situations.

Also, you can give location.reload() an argument (true/1/something) to make sure it fetches every resource - this is the equivalent of Ctrl-F5. Use this when the user action involves "heavy" items that are usually cached, typically images.

Finally, you can make "indoor reloads" with jQuery which allows you to only replace a dom element with the fetched fresh contents. See $.load() on this.

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