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Edit multiple xmls in different folders

All the folders in screenshot are created by copying and renaming one Template folder. Now all sub-folders contains one xml file, need to update the path in these xml's with the path of Crystal Reports and DocMan folder, which exist in all these folders.

[xml]$XmlDocument = Get-Content -Path d:\Site\"$($name)\$($name).xml"
$ = 'd:\Site\'
$ = 'd:\Site\'

The above script is not giving the desired result.

My earlier script for copying and renaming:
$source = 'd:\Site\Template'
$target = 'd:\Site\'
$xmlPath = 'D:\Tenant.xml'

$xml = [xml](Get-Content -Path $xmlPath)
$envCode = $xml.SelectSingleNode('Tenants/ENVcode').InnerText.Trim()
$xml.SelectNodes('Tenants/Schools/School') | ForEach-Object {
      $name = "$($envCode)-$($_.InnerText.Trim())"
      $destination = Join-Path -Path $target -ChildPath $name
      Copy-Item -Path $source -Destination $destination -Recurse -Force -Verbose
      Get-ChildItem -Path $destination -Filter default.xml -Recurse | Rename-Item -NewName "$($name).xml"      
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