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Meeting Room & Calendar - Exchange 2016


I have couple of questions regarding Meeting Room of Exchange 2016 as below:

1- How to prevent double booking for certain room?
2- How to receive a confirmation of my booking?
3- When I go to outlook >> calendar >> Open Calendar >> From Room List then, it takes long time to show the result and it shows all reservation as Tentative?

Thank you

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Jodi Weinstein
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The Tenative part is another party possibly might have to approve the booking.  This I know from my previous job as I was the AV Tech as well.  Do all rooms show up as Tentative.  Has this ever happened before and what has changed since the last time it worked?  I could help you just need more history.
Next.  Is each room setup as a mailbox?  This needs to be in place. To enable a pop up that the room is booked please try this, you have to enable the resource account log in, start outlook and connect to Exchange as the resource.  Go to tools, options, Calendar options. resource scheduling and check the first 2 options. (Automatically accept meeting requests and process cancellations and Automatically decline conflicting meeting requests.

Disable the resource account again.

The popup will show up under the following condition.

Create the meeting and book with outlook.
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Daryl Gawn
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I like Daryl solution as I just tested in my test environment, It far exceeds my idea.
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Thank you Daryl I have applied what you suggest and it works fine.
Dear Jodi,

Thank you for your reply and support. regarding your question for point # 3 "Tentative", Yes all rooms show as tentative  and we just configured the exchange server, also it takes long time to show the rooms status.