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LACP works on one trunk but not the other?

I have a HP 2530-48G network switch that I use in the lab. I have 2x Synology NAS, both with Dual-Nics. I am trying to get them both LACP bonded to the switch (on seperate trunks) but am having problems I believe with the 2530-48G.

NAS1 - Trk1
Ports 45 + 46

NAS2 - Trk10
Ports 41 + 42

At this time, I can connect fine to NAS1 on it's bonded interface. However, I cannot connect to NAS2 on it's bonded interface. If I switch the cables round so that NAS2 is plugged into 45 + 46, I am able to connect to it immediately, which leads me back to the 2530-48G and it's configuration.

If I CLI into the switch and run
show LACP

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I get the following output
LABCORESW(config)# show lacp


           LACP      Trunk     Port                LACP      Admin   Oper
   Port    Enabled   Group     Status    Partner   Status    Key     Key
   -----   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   ------  ------
   41      Active    Trk10     Up        Yes       Success   0       63
   42      Active    Trk10     Up        Yes       Success   0       63
   45      Active    Trk1      Up        Yes       Success   0       54
   46      Active    Trk1      Up        Yes       Success   0       54

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Nothing seems to be untoward. Any ideas?
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are the vlan settings on the lacp bonds ? sounds like there not


Thanks. My mistake, you are correct that Trk10 was on a different VLAN. Once moved everything was OK.

Youre Welcome. small mistakes are fast made and hard to see somtimes. and the view of an outsider will help :)