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Hi, I use Zimbra Collaboration Suite (8.8.7 version, open source edition).
I manage one domain with about 50 mailboxes.
I need to "purge" messages on some mailbox (eg. delete messages older than last year).
I cannot use global retention policy, because I need to take action only on few users.
How can I do this?
Thank you!
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One way to do this is to write a script to emulate IMAP4 protocol to access mailboxes in a list of users you provide.

Then retrieve (LIST) messages for each user + look at dates.

Then delete the message ids which match your date criteria.

You might also pose your question to Zimbra + ask if you can simply delete physical files from disk + Zimbra will correctly recover all indexes. Likely this is true + best ask Zimbra, before you brute force change any disk files.

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