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Server 2016 Printer Share won't push Konica "Account Track" code to clients - have to manually set it

Hello - we have a shared printer from Server 2016.  It's a Konica Minolta bizhub C364.   I changed a few settings on the shared printer from the Server's GUI printer properties window.   I click the Advanced Tab and select "Printing Defaults" then change the following settings.   1.  Set to Grayscale   2.  Set to 1 sided printing  3.  Set the "Account Track" password

I then install the Shared printer on one of the computers and see both numbers 1 and 2 above get set on the installed printer, but not number 3.   I reached out to the Printer company that supplied this machine and they are scratching their heads.   We tried to reinstall the printer, removed the drivers and downloaded the latest from Konica.    We can only print on workstations if I manually set the "Account Track"  on the shared printer after I install it.    Would like to get that "Account Track" code pushing down to workstations.   It was working on the previous Server (SBS 2011) but i can't seem to find what's making it work on that server and not the new one.

Anyone seen this before?
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Did you ask Konica Minolta support as well? I'd do that.
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Not yet.   Hoping someone here has seen this. :)
Konica says we have to use the printer company and they won't help.  Anyone?   bueller, bueller?
The local printer company opened a ticket with their Konica Rep and this was the response they got.   They are pointing to the OS since it was working on Server 2008r2.  

Anyone run into anything similar on  Server 2016?   Grasping at straws here...

"Most of it is the queues themselves are a function of the operating system, not a function of the machine or driver.  If the drivers themselves hold the codes when installed locally, but aren't holding when using a virtual  queue or sharing the driver..  the issue is probably in the setup of the newer server OS.  I had engineering check if they had a similar cases where we could help point them in the right direction,  but so far nothing has come up that looked to be the same. "

Describe the problem in steps that are reproducible by Konica support on clean OS' (nothing installed but the OS and the driver at the server side, nothing installed at the client side). If it's reproducible only with 2016, they need to look into it, since very probably, it would be easier for them to adapt their driver code to 2016 than for MS to adapt server 2016 to each and any driver.
Thanks - we've convinced the printer company to dig in more.   I'll post back when i have more info.
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