Simple Online Business or Blog for Solo Operator

I really need a little intelligence on profitable niches to start a blog.  I have gone through hundreds of niches high and low competition. I want to go where the money is right now and in the future. I want to start a little blog to run solo.  Can you help me? I really and tired of the get rich schemes and affiliate marketers selling crap. I want to get to the people. I am starting from the ground zero.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAsked:
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Martyn SpencerSoftware Developer / Linux System Administrator / Managing DirectorCommented:
Almost an impossible question to answer and if I had an idea, I would have done it by now ;)

I strongly suggest starting with something that interests you the most. That way, you will be creating engaging content that really excites you. And, if it excites you, it is going to excite other people too.

Most people running get rich quick schemes are targetting one person's wealth. Trust me, it's not you or anyone who buys into such systems.

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Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
I have been beating my head against the wall about this question. How in the world do I start working online without having to skim through millions or billions of scams?

I have a list of low competition keywords and niches.

I have looked into things that excited my like VJing (not good).  

I have found that to do things online as a business that it is almost impossible to go it alone.

So, I decided to go to forums when I get scammed even with the free stuff. Lol, I also had some of the sponsored things in forum take me through a scam and powerful email marketing. I am surprised that I have not had Experts Exchange harass me (maybe legit).

I pay for stuff like business intelligence stuff; I get scammed.

So, I settle down with blogging.  I am so demanding and competitive that it is not worthless in the long term if you do not buy traffic.
So, the traffic purchase is so grueling trying to find a legit traffic source.

I am just going to keep asking questions. I am trying to stop going through scams (hopefully).

I guess I am just going to have to start the research on how to and where to start a simple and straightforward business model solely.

I read an article where it stated that a singular and straightforward business model could make money.

I have gone through forums to find information on things to get started a business. Most of it is outdated, saturated, or purely a scam.

Everything today is for sale even ideas. Lol

Maybe I am looking at my blog to such as "Find an online business model to run solo." Maybe free legit ideas for starting a blog.

Nothing is complete on the Internet.

@Martyn Spencer, I respect your side in this question "Most people running get rich quick schemes are targetting one person's wealth. Trust me, it's not you or anyone who buys into such systems."  And, too, saturated and impossible. Thanks.

I say, "I ain't gonna stop 'til I find my good fit." Keep the ideas coming pls.
Miss TechieTech BloggerAuthor Commented:
@Martyn Spencer
Almost an impossible question to answer and if I had an idea, I would have done it by now ;)

I see everyone agrees. Lol
I have decided that I am going with the information I got from @Martyn Spencer from prior advise.

DEVELOP A BLOG.  I have to be creative, honest and thought-provoking.  

I think I am going to start a case study in this forum with my idea of starting a blog by getting advice from the Experts. So, thanks everyone.
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