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2012 R2 dns - not resolving one particular ip or too slow

Hi guys,
I got 2012 R2 server, which acts as a dns server for our environment
All sites works good. It’s just one site is too slow or not opening.
“” login page not opening or working through it too slow

I found its to do with dns. But I can resolve using nslook. My server resolving it. But when I use as dns - it works so fast/normal. But if I use my server as prinmary dns which I need to for mapdrives. Site is running slow.

Is there anyway to make resolve that one particular site to resolve with first then all others can work with my dns server ?
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Tom Cieslik
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It looks like your first root hit from root hits list is resolving this address very slow.
You can try remove first one root hit IP address from DNS properties and restart DNS server service to see if this helped.

on Command window run
ipconfig /flushdns

After that try on server first, if is working,,, refresh DNS on workstation
do you mean your DNS server only runs slowly when resolving any hosts with
Well... You can modify your /etc/resolv.conf (or equivalent) to be...


Open in new window

If you don't use then you'll replace this with the IPs of your DNS servers. This will effectively resolve any lookup bases on fastest response.

Or even better, setup dnsmasq to run on all your machines, for even faster resolution.
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Jeremy Weisinger

You can also check to see what some good forwarders are for your location by using DNS Benchmark:

You can then test resolving that domain against the top ones and then use whatever is best as forwarders for you local DNS server.
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Actually the problem is not dns
Because I have watchguard, and I tried creating policy like open all ports: all protocols to this particular web site from trusted zone and the site seems to be working at all normL speed
So it should be good. Am going to leave that policy as it's opened to that particular site only .
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