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Insufficient system resources available to complete the request/

Garrett Chambers
We currently have 10 computers consisting of a combination of Dell latitude 5200's, 7200's and 6400's. Also vary between 32-bit, 64-bit, and win7/10. We have an external HDD connected directly to the router through the USB port. We need all ten computers to connect via network and accessed via Network place (Samba). About three or four computers can access it without issue but others randomly cannot and get the error message in the attachment and an insufficient system resources error as well. A few minutes go by with no luck, tried removing people from the network, homegroup etc.; Hoping to remove some of the strain on the router believed to be the cause of the error (per Asus). Eventually they are able to access it again when nothing has changed. If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. Have also tried disabling firewall and antivirus software.
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Hi Garret

Have you checked the routers manual how many concurrent computers/users can access the attached USB drive?
Maybe that is an issue. I also think you should use a dedicated NAS for such access, they are quite cheap these days and work very well.




Thank you for replying. The network share (Samba) settings being used do not allow you to set  the number of concurrent users. I looked in the manual and only the FTP Server Share service allows you to set the maximum concurrent users, which seems to be 9. We do have a NAS connected in the network (MyCloud Pro 2100 Series), but currently use it for computer, email backups etc. Would you recommend moving the external HDD to the NAS's USB2.0 Port or moving the files to a share folder in the NAS? Thanks again.


If you already have a NAS on the Network, I recommend (If anyhow possible) using an share on that one for the files the Windows Clients are using.
I wouldn't use the USB2.0 Port. on the NAS. It's would be quite slow.