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Block Outlook clients when accesing O365 externally


We are migrating from Exchange to O365, we are also using ADFS 3.0.

I have been asked to prevent Outlook 2010 and 2016 clients from accessing mail when off the corporate network. Users must be able to still access their email externally via and via Active Sync for BB.

I'm not sure where to start and have to produce a matrix of what is achievable without Conditional Access as we do not have licenses.

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Shreedhar Ette
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In addition to the method outlined above, there is a new feature in Exchange Online that might help you with the request, namely Client Access Rules:
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Thanks for your quick responses,
Can you confirm that this will work on Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2016 clients?
Also should Modern Auth be enabeled or disabled?

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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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