Local Program to Generate Tags to Too-Numerous Bookamrks

Have too many poorly organized bookmarks.

Don't want to upload them to any platforms to organize.

Was wondering if there's any software that's sort of AI-ish which could comb through them and attempt to apply tags to them.  Detecting some pattern or patterns among them.
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What is the nature of your bookmarks?
Where are they currently stored?
What's wrong with uploading them for non-local processing?
What kind of "tags" do you seek?
oaktreesAuthor Commented:

Thanks for replying!

What is the nature of your bookmarks?
Just bookmarks from pages around the net over a decade or more.

Where are they currently stored?
Chrome default.

What's wrong with uploading them for non-local processing?
Nothing.  But, not what I want to do.  Need an on-my-machine application.

What kind of "tags" do you seek?
Some, none or all.  Anything that works.

What looks like a good solution?
Have you tried organizing your bookmarks with folders?

Maybe some Chrome apps:



From this article, a suggestion to add words to the titles of your bookmarks that can be used as tags. Also, three extension suggestions: Recent Bookmarks, Supersorter, and Sprucemarks.

If you want to step out of Chrome, you can import the JSON file with your bookmarks into some non-Chrome application and do your tagging with that application.  I don't have any suggestions for this one and keeping your live bookmarks in sync with your tagged version might become difficult.

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oaktreesAuthor Commented:
Feel grateful.  Thanks!
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