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I installed a new PC for the customer a few weeks ago.  They could not find their MS Office Home and Student 2010 CD or key, but that is the version they still wanted to use, so I installed a new Office Home and Student that I had bought on eBay.  Now, after almost 30 days, it keeps coming up saying it is not registered, and when I try to register it, it says it is a bogus product...which I guess is possible coming from eBay.

Meanwhile, they found the installation CD they owned with it's 25 digit key, so I tried to enter that key on the help screen, but it keeps coming up and saying that is an invalid key, advising that maybe it is for a different MS product (which it is not).   I even tried installing Office Home and Student 2010 on a test computer in my office, using their legit key, and it installed just fine.

So next I suggested that we uninstall Office 2010 and reboot their computer, and it did indeed uninstall it.  But when we go to reinstall, it never asks for the product just goes along and installs the software again, apparently still using the bad key, because once installed it comes up with the same errors.

How can I get it to "completely" uninstall to a point where it will ask for the product key next time we install it from the CD?
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FYI - found on another site:

"I called Micro$haft on the deprecated product line - again - and finally got a real person - who told me to go to and report the product key to get things cleared is for reporting COUNTERFEIT software and I know this is a legit installer and product key

Called M$ again to explain it was not counterfeit and got transferred to an actual person who did a remote session, changed the product key to a different set, and activated the license - via the internet activation, no less.

Will have to say it only took about 90 minutes to get through the muck"

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