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Dell Online SupportAssist Problems

DBBurnsIN asked
I have taken on support for two Dell Servers that are both out of warranty. I am trying to run the Dell Online SupportAssist Diagnostics. I get the same results on both servers which is getting to step 2 (Gathering Tests) where it remain perpetually. Both servers are running Windows Server 2008 R2 Std SP1 64Bit.
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What browser are you using? (IE, Chrome, Firefox)
If you can, try another one.


I have tried it with both Internet Explorer and Chrome. Both respond the same. I have since downloaded the Dell Online Diagnostics.  This worked on one of the servers but still does not advance beyond the discovering devices. It's been sitting on this for several hours.
Are you trying to run the Enterprise version?  It is quite different than the desktop version:


I worked with Dell Support and they informed me that I had the wrong version of the Support Assist and Server Administrator. I obtained the latest version and it installed and worked correctly.