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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I wish to help a friend who is wanting to order a vehicle online.  I have heard that is a great source to check out because this company delivers the chosen and customized vehicle to the customer's door, but, I am unclear with respect to the logistics of using this site to order a vehicle online.   That said, could someone provide the steps or guidelines for ordering a vehicle online using Carvana?

            Thank you

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News to me, but here is the link describing it.
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It is advertised on TV.  It is new - George, watch for TV ads about it.
Carvana LLC, Tempe, Arizona is not new.  It was founded in November 2013 but it looks as though it didn't reach its full potential for a few years.  It is probable that they are simply having a TV advertising campaign at the moment.

Because I am in the UK the website won't allow me to view it, but I found the following official blog page written December 17, 2015:

There are several articles linked to in this page also:

The Frequently Asked Questions blog page looks to be pretty up-front with their charges and limitations to warranty, etc.  For example if the car is delivered and the customer chooses to return it within 7 days the delivery charge isn't refunded and excess mileage over the limited evaluation period is charged at $1/mile.

They will use either a subsidiary company or 3rd-party contractor to deliver the vehicle, so any damage incurred will probably have to be fought out with them and not Carvana.  Do they quote delivery costs on their website when making the selection?

They offer to initiate the registration and will supply temporary plates until it is complete.  I'm pretty sure they will add a mark-up on that cost for profit, so check and see if these charges are included in the total.

What you need to see before committing is the complete price with everything included.  It would always be wise to check out any limitations on the 100 day mechanical warranty.  Some of these warranties will refer only to "failure of a major mechanical component" or similar wording and this leaves you guessing whether the warranty will be honoured if a fault is discovered or develops.


Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

         Thank you for your shared thoughts and links.  I will relay everything discussed here to my friend.  However, based on my analysis and conclusions which are drawn from Bill's post, I will have to recommend that she see a local dealership as opposed to trying to use Carvana.   There are simply too many unknown and potentially expensive variables here which can turn what would normally be an exciting experience into an unpleasant one.

          Thanks again, everyone, for your feedback.

Thank you George

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