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I am going to start a blog called "Show Me the Money Bags."  I want to start a case study right here in this forum where I can get honest opinions and thoughts on my journey.  I will tell you that I have acquired my domain name I figured after talking to several experts that it is highly possible that everywhere you turn that there are scams when dealing with issues, blogs, forums, and online business.

So, I started with my domain name from Namecheap for $8.99.  

I decided to hire a freelance copywriter to assist in writing my articles from Fiverr.  My first 1000 words will cost me $10. I have given myself until Monday to provide her with an in-depth synopsis of the journey of the blog ahead with more articles. I have not paid her yet for the first article.

The article will have the first article will have the premises of the blog "Show me the money bags."

I plan to stick to what I call "money bags" to make money online for real.  (I remember an Expert telling me that it is simple to make money online).

I want to discuss the reality of making money online (hopefully build up an audience from real-world experience and expert advice).

I plan to set up my domain in Wordpress (I would appreciate any thoughts on CMS for the long run).

My hosting is through Hostgator baby plan.

So, I want to get some advice from bloggers within this forum as to what I should do with this idea to progress from here.
I do not plan to go live with this product until I have a full grasp of this idea.  I want to move with this idea with precision.
I am going to start with three questions.

1.  Do I need 50 articles to start?
2.  Do you think I need to gather up a website developer now (maybe bill up a relationship with him now)?
3.  I want to start with PPC, now, too. Who do you recommend for PPC  that I can start low and progress with later? (Hotjar?).

I plan to give myself at least 30 days to go live with the website.  Any thoughts?

As I have learned in the past week or two that I have to be patient and work things through before jumping to conclusions. I want my information to be hq. I am going to learn and make money as I grow my blog.
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Andrew LeniartIT Professional | Freelance Journalist | Looking for Opportunities
Distinguished Expert 2018

Hi Miss Kittens,
I want to discuss the reality of making money online (hopefully build up an audience from real-world experience and expert advice)
I think one of the most obvious ways to make money online is via affiliate links, onselling established products. I do this myself on my own website, though I only become affiliated with the products and services that I use (or have used) personally and have decent experience with. I don't affiliate myself with any products that I don't personally use, because bitter experience over the years has taught me that anyone making a purchase as a result of my recommendations and links will blame the referrer, rather than the product itself if they're not happy with it or have a bad experience with a purchase.

That said, you can include a disclaimer that you personally have not used a product. The difficulty I think you will face in that scenario is that there are limitless websites that push anything that might sell, so what I think you need to concentrate on when starting up is an ongoing SEO strategy, where your pages are continuously updated to take advantage of coming up as close to the start as possible when folks search. That's not my forte though.

1.  Do I need 50 articles to start?
Not in my opinion. I'd concentrate more on the 'quality' of the information presented in articles, rather than quantity. That's always my yardstick when I look at websites.

2.  Do you think I need to gather up a website developer now (maybe bill up a relationship with him now)?
That's highly desirable, yes. I tried to do those things myself for a while to save on costs. My website visit logs soon showed the benefit of having a trusted professional who knew what he was doing when I had my site redesigned properly. Stick to your forte' would be my advice, and find someone you can trust who will have a vested interest in helping you promote your cause. I found finding the right person to be difficult though, as there are literally thousands of different options/companies online to choose from.

3. ... Who do you recommend for PPC  that I can start low and progress with later?
I've never embarked on a Pay per Click campaign, but I have a couple of clients who have. Google is an obvious choice that brings results. You get a campaign manager, but be ready to get constant calls and recommendations from them according to my son, who recently started a PPC campaign with Google for the company he works for. He says they bug him all the time with different ideas :)

Good luck on your journey.

Regards, Andrew
What is the sole purpose of your intended blog?
To entertain readers and generate a following based on well crafted blog entries OR to make money via pay-per-click?

In my opinion your domain name "Show Me the Money Bags" blatantly spells out your motive to anybody visiting your blog and, unless you write some truly unique and thought provoking articles, many visitors might just see the blog as a money making exercise and nothing else and steer away from it.

It isn't hard to spot an automatically generated and generic blog article.  Even articles written by somebody else are often easily detectable no matter how "in-depth" a synopsis you provide to the writer.  Can't you write anything yourself?
Miss TechieTech Blogger


Lol.  I had a hard way to learn things two months, though.  Case study #1 will begin shortly.  Thanks Experts!
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Miss TechieTech Blogger



I agree with you about making money with affiliate links. I got the Aliplugin only to find that I was being scammed. The plugin is defective. The developers need access to my cpanel to make changes to my different things on my website. When I went to my site, there were all of these newly created subdomains and CNAMES.  So, I changed my password to my cpanel, changed my HTTP to HTTPS and deleted the wp script along with the Aliplugin.  Also, I was having all of these visitors to my website and clicks on my links with no money being made. When I go the affiliate, I found that I only had 5 or six clicks on any links in the website. So, I got some help from Experts Exchange to get an API where I downloaded an API to the Affiliate website.  To get to the point, I discovered that I was being scammed. Google Analytics said I was getting more than 6000 visitors to my website after 45 days of it being developed. The Affiliate said two clicks. I just had to go.  

I have found that the use of affiliate links are so challenging.  I want to genuinely make money. I just need to set up a blog from ground zero then work from there.

So, I want to take my website to techie way of making money and move blogging into 2018.  I would put information on my website like how to set up Ad Arbitrage websites, developing spinbot websites, using some of the Social Media # and @ symbols to make money.  Also, how to take a youtube video and make an online course.  I want to take blogging in a different direction hopefully new!  I have a moderate understanding of social media.

Yes, I hope to get my blog a personal touch by writing my articles in a BuzzFeed way. Short and simple with pictures and other peoples videos (possibly).  

I want to have someone develop my website for me, but that leads to access to my password to my cpanel.  More problems, I tell you.  I have had some name calling, and angry people approach me on Skype (the same Skype the developers had if you understand where I am coming from).

I had to do some deep web search to discover how people use freelancing to scam and cheat people out of money. OMG!!!!
Take for instance a written document and that little code in Windows to beat Copyscape.  Lol

I asked someone to write an ebook for me about VJing. A very good area to get into because of the low competition. It is my belief that someone took my ebook rewrote for themselves giving me a bad copy with added hr that did not show up well in the Kindle preview. Asked for a revision guess what he gave me his a** to kiss.  Went back to the copywriter, she said no too. Cheap$$. Dollars for them$$.

Anyway, I got what I was looking for here.  NO AFFILIATE LINKS AND FREELANCERS.

I have already made money today. I reduced my time by 5 days. Now, I must get to writing my own articles. Starting one article at a time. ONE FREE THEME AT A TIME.  

I hope I did not confuse you.  Lessons learned.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
Read through BillDL's comments closely.

My suggestion, before you start a blog, do as Bill suggests, have a clear purpose for your Blog.

Also, once you have a purpose, you generate the content - written, audio, video.

If you have Fiverr's write article's there will be no common voice... You'll have content without cohesion...

Best Blogs provide a common + unique voice which will resonate with your... Tribe...
Miss TechieTech Blogger


Yes, I hear you guys loud and clear!  New and original content. My own voice. No affiliate links yet.  

Again, you experts keep hammering in my head that unique content with my own voice.

My problem is that I just have so little confidence in my writing ability but after I visited BuzzFeed and social media. Lol

I can do this.

I am going to look for a very simple theme. Put it up on my blog.  I am going to put up my free theme. But, not before, I present my next case study.  Thanks. Guys. @David Favor @Andrew Leniart  @BillDL

I am taking my case studies seriously. Lol I MEAN SERIOUSLY! D*** Russia
Andrew LeniartIT Professional | Freelance Journalist | Looking for Opportunities
Distinguished Expert 2018
My problem is that I just have so little confidence in my writing ability but after I visited BuzzFeed and social media.
You noted the lack of substance and thought to yourself, heck, I could do so much better than that right? :)

I invite you to submit articles to Experts Exchange as a way to get recognition for your own particular technical skills. We are always on the lookout for new authors and the feedback and guidance that you get from the Page Editors, as well as your readers, should be useful for you to develop your writing skills and help boost your confidence.

I can do this.
That's the spirit Miss Techie. Never say never, and that's coming from an elderly self-taught computer nerd who started his career as a Carpenter and Joiner :)

Cheers... Andrew
Miss TechieTech Blogger


@AndrewLeniart Thanks. I am doing my next Case study. I hope you can help me to understand my stance on my new blog.
Thank you all.
Thank you Miss Techie, and I hope this all works out well for you.

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