Which project template should I select ?

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I have following version of eclipse IDE installed in my computer:
Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
Version: 2018-09 (4.9.0)

I created a workspace.  There are number of Templates for New C / C++ Project.
I need to import very large 'C' source code files into my project.  I won't be compiling code in eclipse.  I'll just be navigating source code.
Which Project template should I select?  Is there a way to create project without selecting a project template?
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I am not at work so I can only offer limited information. I am guessing that your code is not in CVS and that you have a makefile. See 2nd link below for descriptions of project types.


Creating new projects from existing source roots

If your resource code is not managed in CVS but is available from the file system, then you need to perform two steps:

Identify a "root folder" of your source code tree.

Create a new C/C++ project using the New Project Wizard, and specify the "root folder" as a non-default location of the new project.

Typically, existing projects will have their own makefiles, so you should create a new Make C/C++ project. For more information see Creating a project and Working with C/C++ project files.

To help you to identify a root folder for your project, consider the following guidelines:

all source code for the project is available on or beneath the root folder

the build results are also produced in or beneath the root folder

there is often a makefile in the root folder. In complex projects, the makefile in the root folder calls other makefiles in other directories to produce the build results.
external header files and library files do not need to be in or beneath the root folder.


Project types
You can create a C or C++ project.

To build your project, you can either create your own makefile, or let CDT generate the makefiles for you automatically.

You can toggle these modes (generate makefiles or not) at any time for existing project. Use properties.

When you create a new project, you are required to specify the project type. This project type will determine the toolchain and data, and tabs that the CDT uses. In the New CDT Project Wizard, you can choose from the following project types:

Executable - Provides an executable application. This project type folder contains three templates.

Hello World C++ Example provides a simple C++ Hello World application with main().

Hello World ANSI C Example provides a simple C Hello World application with main().

Empty Project provides a single source project folder that contains no files.

After you select a template, the result is a project with only the meta-data files required for the project type. You are expected to modify these source files, as required, and provide source files for the project's target.

The makefile for the Executable project type is automatically created by the CDT.

Shared Library - An executable module that is compiled and linked separately. When you create a project that uses a shared library (libxx.so), you define your shared library's project as a Project Reference for your application. For this project type, the CDT combines object files together and joins them so they're relocatable and can be shared by many processes. Shared libraries are named using the format libxx.so.version, where version is a number with a default of 1. The libxx.so file usually is a symbolic link to the latest version.

The makefile for this project type is automatically created by the CDT.

Static Library - A collection of object files that you can link into another application (libxx.a). The CDT combines object files (i.e. *.o) into an archive (*.a) that is directly linked into an executable.

The makefile for this project type is automatically created by the CDT.

Makefile Project - Creates an empty project without the meta-data files. This selection is useful for importing and modifying existing makefile-based projects; a new makefile is not created for this project type.


Very fast solution on weekend.

Good and Fast solution.
Hope it helped. Were you at work and got your project in Eclipse?


Yes, it helped.  At home, I was able to create project in eclipse and import Software Development Kit(SDK) into my project.
Oh cool! Glad I could help.

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