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Windows 10 Pro screen blinking after microsoft ID account login - multiple computers

Windows 10 Pro, build 1803, screen blinking after microsoft ID account login - multiple computers

Recently the screens started flashing on my primary computer.  In task manager, I could see windows explorer going into suspend mode and then back to normal.  Happens a little faster than once per second.  System entirely unresponsive except in safe mode (where it works fine)

After numerous attempts following all the suggestions on this site, I bought another mini pc and installed windows on it.  Shortly after, it started to blink.  I went to another computer in my home and logged in (using my microsoft account) and after a while it started to blink.

I've isolated the problem to my microsoft id.  With any other account it all works fine (all 3 computers).  Because the problem starts on any computer I log in to, I don't believe there is anything wrong with my computer, but rather something attached to my profile in my microsoft ID that loads when I log in.

I'd rather not create a new id and reinstall every program on every computer I own - so is there away to cleanup the information (corruption?) associated with a microsoft ID?
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If your Microsoft Account causes an issue on all computers you log into, it is unlikely to be the local profile.

Try resetting the Microsoft Account from this support page.
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The only thing I could find there was the ability to reset the password on the account (locally or online).  I did try the online password reset (hoping it might also cleanup other issues with the account) - but no luck.  Screens still blink when signing in with that account.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Since this affects multiple computers, it is not a computer issue (98%).

You might ask Microsoft Support if they can reset your account. Otherwise you may need to make a new Microsoft Account.
That's sort of what I was thinking too.  I posted a question on the microsoft questions site, not sure how quickly they respond to those.  Maybe time to bite the bullet and start reinstalling apps everywhere (and dealing with the license problems that ultimately raises on some of my apps)  :-)
Before you do that (because multiple computers), try a Windows 10 Repair Install on one computer and see if it works. I am not clear why reinstalling apps or a repair on one computer would fix this. But try.

Go to the Media Creation Link:

For Windows 10 V1803:

Create a USB Windows Installation key and then run Setup on the USB Key.
This will launch the Repair and proceed normally.
Thanks for the suggestion.  I actually did try this already.  I spent about a week of evenings trying to get the first computer to work before I realized the problem travelled with my ID.  I did try the repair but it didn't change things.  Thanks though!
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A very interesting scenario that I've never heard of before. I'd encourage you to contact Microsoft as John already suggested above to find out what causes this problem before changing MS ID's or anything like that. Just trying to find a workaround without knowing the cause could land you with exactly the same problem further down the track.
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