AD User templates - %Username% Variable does not work with the profile path field. Why and what to do?

Bernhard Lutz
Bernhard Lutz used Ask the Experts™

I need help with creating AD accounts from templates. I already created some AD user templates and used the %username% variable in the profile path field and for the HOME directory path. For the HOME field, it works, but the variable does not work with the profile path. What can I do?

When i copy the template, it does not use the username of the newly created account.

Thank you in advance!
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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

In theory it should work, the question here is, What's your AD level and what is the client OS?

yo_beeDirector of Information Technology

What is the full string that you are using?
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I do not think this is possible. It will translate to the actual user as soon as you save the template

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