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Create or update worksheet from data generated by power query on separate tab OR How to divide results of query on one worksheet between 2 worksheets


I am new to Excel's Power Query and am managing a monthly cumulative reporting process with excel files containing Power Queries and am not finding them intuitive to use. I need to filter a tab in one file, then transfer the filtered data to another tab that will continue to track these updates monthly while removing them from the current output. The data on the current tab in question is generated by an existing query.

In the original file, a query exists that updates the data on Miles >50 from another workbook. But, for my example file attached I have added a tab Miles <=50 that I am needed to move all records where the mileage is <=50 from the current tab.

This is the current state
Current Single tab "Miles>50"            
Area      Vehicle#                  Miles
1              1C4NJDEB6            11.7
1              5NPDH4AE        11.7
1                3N1AB7AP            11.7
1              3N1AB7AP            17.3
1              KNDJP3A59            62.5
1              1N4AL3AP2       62.5
1              5NPE24AF4            62.5
1              KNDPB3AC       62.5

This is the TARGET State: Additional tab of "Miles<=50" containing records filtered and moved from "Miles>50" tab

Updated TAB "Miles>50"
Area      Vehicle#                 Miles
1              KNDJP3A59            62.5
1              1N4AL3AP2      62.5
1              5NPE24AF4            62.5
1              KNDPB3AC5      62.5

NEW TAB: "Miles<=50"
Area      Vehicle#             Miles
1              1C4NJDEB6G            11.7
1              5NPDH4AE4     11.7
1                3N1AB7APX            11.7
1              3N1AB7AP6            17.3

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