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Expanding a disk that has Exchange DB on them


I need to add more disk space to a disk that contains exchange databases on them.

is it a straight forward disk expansion or do I need to do anything g to the databases?
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Hi Technical Information,
You can move the database to a different HDD and expand the drive space and move it back.
There will be downtime when you move database to a different drive or disk.
Or if you dont want downtime you can create a new database and move the mailboxes to the newly created database and and delete the old database and resize the drive/disk and move the mailboxes to the database in the expanded drive.

Make sure your backup is successful before hand.
Is this a VM or are you physically replacing a drive? If it's a VM then it's a straight-forward disk expansion. Expand the VHD; then in windows Disk Management you should see the additional hard drive space. Right-click on the volume and select 'Expand'. Just have a backup of your data first  ;-)
it 's ok Expanding same driver ..
1- take backup , dismount database edb.
2-expand your driver with same driver letter ,don't change the name or path ..

expanding with new driver
1- take backup , dismount database ebd.
2- add your new driver.
3- change driver letter as old drive .
4-recover your db to the same path .

do it in test inviroment before so you will see all proccess in safe way .
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Why do I need to dismount the database?
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Great Tim thank you!! would I need to restart the server?
if Add new HDD with old HDD
1-create new mailboxs store on new HDD , & 
2-move mailboxs &systems mailboxs to the new mailbox store
3-remove old mailboxs store 
4-remove old hdd.
no you will not.
dismonut in case if expand process get hang .
I'm assuming this is a vm disk expansion. if so you are good.
Yes its virtual. I'll take a snapshot first ?
no snapshoot before expanding
dont take a snapshot.
thank you so much guys! very helpful
go foword with expanding then after that take snapshooting ..