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Way to have centralized pdfs show up for all users in PowerPoint under the Shared tab

Hello, we need to have a way to place PDFs into a shared folder on a server and then have whatever docs are in this folder, be able to show up for all users when they go into their PowerPoint under the Shared tab
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What version of PowerPoint is this and what is the "Shared" tab? Are you referring to the ribbon or the backstage view (shown when a user clicks then File item in the ribbon).
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I created a shared folder on one of our file servers and in there a put in Word Docs that we want all users to have when they open Word they see these in the Shared tab. So then I setup the GPO for Microsoft Office 2013 and then Shared paths, then enabled Workgroup Templates paths.
So I thought if I would place a ppt file in the folder in the same share, that it would show up in users Powerpoint Shared tab just like it does for Word.
You mentioned PDF files in the original question and then switched to PPT files in the follow up answer. Are you trying to share PDF files or PowerPoint files? Can you also include a non-confidential screenshot fo the "Shared" tab you're mentioning in Word?
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Sorry PowerPoint Files..
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I solved the issue.
I just saved the files as potx on the share that we have setup for the same word files and now when the users go into the shared tab in ppt, they see the docs that we place there for all users to use.
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Oh, so you're talking about the Shared tab in the back stage when clicking File / New, where FEATURED/PERSONAL/CUSTOM also appear? This is where PowerPoint TEMPLATES (and themes) can be shared but not PowerPoint PRESENTATIONS. Sharing a presentation as a POTX is not something PowerPoint is designed to do. Do you need to distribute templates or presentations?