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Which brand to choose for 6tb new drive

May I please have FOUR opinions please.  I will split the points 4 ways for the opinions.

The question: If you were to purchase a 6 tb mechanical hard drive to be used in a workstation desktop with 256 meg of ram, what brand would you choose and why? It will not be used for constant video use. My computer is a Dell 6810 Workstation with two 1 tb ssd drives and I wish to add the drive I am asking the question about.
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We have modern Seagate drives in machines here (none that large) but the Seagate drives have proven reliable over time
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I have used WD and Toshiba and found no issues.
I would second that opinion.  I use mostly Seagate drives for my reliability needs.  Barracuda Black for the most part.  They have a different naming system now though.  Not sure what the current name is.
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While I may not have been abundantly clear, modern Seagate meant very new designs. Like all manufacturers, we have had issues some years back and more than Seagate as well.
I would go with RAIDed drives to this capacity instead of using single drive. The chance that a single drive fails is higher than a chance that 2 or 4 drives would fail.
While I agree that no manufacturer WANTS to make a bad drive (they have to process the returns and consistently poor quality will lose big vendors like Dell, HP, and Lenovo and put them out of business... I do believe that, based on prior experience Seagate is awful.  I avoid them whenever possible and I cross my fingers when I use them.  

I have no problem using larger drives... Everyone is paranoid about the latest and greatest.  They are less tested merely because of time and for that reason you might be more cautious.  But ANY drive can fail, spinning, SSD, ANY!  If the data is important, you backup.  If the data availability is critical, you setup a RAID.  Otherwise, it depends on your use.  I'm fond of the backblaze reports -
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Experts, ALL comments above are thought provoking leaving me with knowledge and the need to make some decisions. I might just go with two drives, identical in all ways and try to find a way to raid only those two drives. I now have WD black drives for the mechanical ones. I actually have a third unused one TB Samsung ssd intended for use in a laptop workstation that might suffice for a reliable backup if I buy another duplicate one and try to raid them. Many decisions must be made but you Experts have given me the food for thought to make a good decision. Thanks again.
define: constant video use

Editing? Video Recording?
It is going to be used 95% for backup. I do use the computer with Camtasia occasionally. But the C & 
D driver are ssd and presumably fast Samsung items. I only mentioned no constant video use due to frequent failures in a surveillance NVR which have been solved with a WD purple drive.
If you are going to use it as backup storage then you need to go with RAID Mirror definitely. As you said it yourself, get two and make a mirror of them. This way you are on a safer side.