WDS on a virtual machine is very slow

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WDS on a virtual machine is very slow.  We recently moved WDS to a virtual machine (Windows Server 2016) in Hyper-V.  We also moved it to a virtual machine that does not contain a DHCP server.  We changed DHCP to point to the new WDS server (option 66 or 67).  The deployment process went from taking 45 minutes to 10 hours.  We dove deep into Google looking for a solution.  Changing the TFTP block size did nothing.  All the other VM's seem to be running fine.  Any ideas?
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What is the underlying storage ?

What is the specification of the VM ?

We use WDS on virtual machine, to deploy to hundreds daily, with no issues.


Host Disk info:
Description      Disk drive
Manufacturer      (Standard disk drives)
Model      DELL PERC H730 Mini SCSI Disk Device
Bytes/Sector      512
Media Loaded      Yes
Media Type      Fixed hard disk
Partitions      1
SCSI Bus      1
SCSI Logical Unit      0
SCSI Port      2
SCSI Target ID      1
Sectors/Track      63
Size      1.99 TB (2,184,527,439,360 bytes)
Total Cylinders      265,587
Total Sectors      4,266,655,155
Total Tracks      67,724,685
Tracks/Cylinder      255
Partition      Disk #1, Partition #0
Partition Size      1.99 TB (2,184,525,643,776 bytes)
Partition Starting Offset      1,048,576 bytes

VM info:
Roles File and Storage, WDS
Startup RAM 8192 MB
Dynamic memory disabled
1 virtual processor
Bandwidth management Disabled
The images for deployment are stored in a separate partition

I apologize if this is not the info you're looking for.  Please let me know if your looking for something more specific.

There was actually a known issue with Broadcom network adapters.  


This was my solution form this article:

Note If the problem is not solved, disable VMQ on the Broadcom network adapter.

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