MongoDB or MySQL for large table and millions of records

Mario Bernheim
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A new API requires us to receive about 45kb of information per row (record) and save this in a database, we see think about 700GB of data will be added PER year. The table is simple with 50 columns or fields. We are not sure if this is a job for MongoDB or MySQL. The setup must be able to scale horizontally, table will also be queried and searchable . About 1000 transactions per second.
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At the scale you indicate I would eliminate MySQL.

Scaling Mongodb isn't something I have ever been involved in, but there is plenty of written material on the subject. e.g.
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As my understanding, the API returns data in JSON format. If YES, MongoDB is the candidate. If you parse data and insert into table, MySQL is the candidate. As I knew, MySQL supports scale-out

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