File Explorer takes a long time to populate one particular folder

When I open File Explorer in Windows 10 and explore my way to my own personal folder stored on our NAS drive, it takes about 7 seconds to populate the folder with its contents. It loads them in some kind of random order and then once it has finished it then places them in alphanumeric order.
When I use the File > Open command in Word, it takes no time to populate my personal folder.
The problem does not occur when doing the same thing on different PCs on the network.
Could anyone suggest what the problem might be that is causing this slowness?....and how to solve it?
Thank you
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Iamthecreator OMIT Admin/EE Solution GuideCommented:
Are you accessing the folder from Quick Access?
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
No. It is a mapped network drive. I just explore from there.
To illustrate the difference within word: word has a filter predefined to show only files it can open. It will not show anything else and thus it takes much shorter to list. Is that folder full of files (I mean like hundreds of them in the root folder) many of them images or videos?
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Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
There are only 88 files in the folder.
Thumbnails displayed, videos or images? Retry with 88 text files or an empty folder.
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
Thank you. That was a great suggestion. That sorted it out. So then I had the same slowness in the folder where I had placed those 88 files. But now I was able to watch it populating the folder with all of the files. It was very slow to make its way though five CorelDraw files. I moved them out into a new folder and sure enough it took about 5 seconds to list those 5 files. Do you have any idea why that would be? Each one is between 16 and 32MB in size.
Thumbnails creation takes time. The NAS is connected va LAN or WLAN? WLAN could have a high latency, even on some LAN connections, it takes time.
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
It is LAN. Why would the CorelDraw thumbnail be so slow?
The computer reads the file from the NAS and creates a thumbnail from it. I have no idea how your machine behaves with other graphics (take little .jpg pictures, please).
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
Are you saying you want a screenshot of something? If so, what?
No, I am say that I don't know what is wrong. It could be, that the files are just too big to be process in a short time. "Processed" as in: create thumbnails from. So my suggestion was to retry the same with small pictures, like jpegs of a size of 100KB each.
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
I use File Explorer in the details view. Does it still need to analyse the file and create a thumbnail for that?
No, details view would not use thumbnails. I would use a different file explorer, for a test. Take a trial of total commander from and see how it deals with the same folders. Maybe that will teach us something about the problem.
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
Total Commander is incredibly quick - instantaneous.
Also, File Explorer has no problems on other PCs on the network.
Ok, that is a good result for diagnosis.

1 Now try with a different user profile on the same machine - better?
2 I wonder if you have installed any software addons that "nest" inside explorer - should be uninstalled for a test.
3 Or have you installed software that adds context menu entries (the menus that appear if you right click on files)? Those context menus can be disabled for a test, using
4 if nothing helps, please try in safe mode with networking. How to reach it:

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Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
It works properly in another user's profile.
When I disabled all of the non-microsoft shell extensions, it worked much faster. What do I do now? Do I just enable them all one by one until I have a problem again?
Now ThenNot applicableAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I have been away. I haven't yet arrived at a solution but I think I better just close this thread. Thank you for your help.
It would be interesting to see what turned out to be the solution. I think, if you follow 1-4, you'll find it. Please share it some day.
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