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Need powershell script

I have excel csv file that has one column (User ID) in OU in Active directory, I need to create powershell script that going to check and verify on each one of them if they are already exist in Active directory or not and if it's exist write the group name that he belong to
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Jacob Durham
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What do you have so far? And what is the formatting of the CSV? Is it like below?

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yes. exactly
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to be able to use my csv file as an input to this script I should replace the part where it says "$users = "jacobd","talonssss"" to be :
Import-Csv -Path "Y:\MissingMembers.csv" | ForEach-Object {<YOUR SCRIPT>}...right?
$users = import-csv c:\path\to\file.csv

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You might need to use $user.userid depending on how the CSV looks.
I feel I'm almost there but the result is not as I expect, please see attached, is there a way I can direct my search to look into a specific OU name?

Should I replace the part
" $ADUser = Get-ADUser -Identity $user -Properties primarygroup -ErrorAction Stop"
with the
" $ADUser = Get-ADUser -Identity $user -Properties OU -SearchBase 'OU=XYZ' -ErrorAction Stop"

Please confirm
Give me the entirety of the code.

You're not piping anything into the identity parameter which means one of the variables is off.
$users = import-csv R:\Groups\Members.csv
foreach ($user in $users)
    try {
        $ADUser = Get-ADUser -Identity $user -Properties OU -SearchBase 'OU=<interestedGroup>,DC=<DOMAIN>,DC=com' -ErrorAction Stop
    catch {
        if ($_ -like "*Cannot find an object with identity: '$user'*") {
            "User '$user' does not exist."
        else {
            "An error occurred: $_"
    "User '$($ADUser.SamAccountName)' exists and his primary group is $(($aduser.Primarygroup -replace "CN=|,.*") -join ", ")."
As Jacob mentioned, you need to use $user.userid. Like this:
$ADUser = Get-ADUser $user.userid ...

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IF your CSV file's header is actually 'User ID' then you will need to use $user."User ID"
$ADUser = Get-ADUser $user."User ID" ...

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Thank you Jacob for your help and I apologize for the delay to reply to you.