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$100 via paypal to anyone who can name our site

Theirs a problem with a-holes buying up every .com name on the internet so we're running thin out of name ideas. If someone wants to throw out ideas, we will paypal $100 to anyone who sends us a name that we end up using that ends in .com.

Our site is a real estate website like Zillow and the rest but you can purchase using Crypto currency like Bitcoin and make offers peer 2 peer as well.

I thought of anagrams based on crypto i.e. decentralization, p2p etc. Example, RedFin is an anagram for Friend and Finder and Zillow is some combination of pillow and zillion but it doesn't have to make sense i.e. Trulia is True + lia.. It could just sound cool.

Please throw some ideas.

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curious - what's to stop anyone monitoring this feed from going out and buying up the suggestion? So when you go to grab it, it's already grabbed??

I guess it would be on honor system. I have a few suggestions, just afraid to post.

already did search and domain name comes up as not found. - the tool I was using to check if this is available may not having been working correctly... so not sure if it is available...
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That's great guys you may not need to verify it yourselfs since we can always purchase them if their under a few hundred bucks. I'll take the list to my CEO in chunks if they keep coming.

Not concerned efrimpol I don't think people do that. These names aren't worth too much so it doesn't create much of a gold rush or incentive for that behavior.
Some names we thought of that are taken are Tribly and Centavo so they don't have to make much sense like Trulia, homie and Faira for example. We should stay away from generic names like net/shop/crypto etc if you know what I mean. I thought of roman and greek names like Libor, Elithera meaning Freedom but just not great sounding. (currency + estate) (estate + fork, which is crypto slang) (bitcoin + estate) (flows better than bitstate) (ripple + homes) (crypto + estate) (real estate + crypto) (crypto) (decentralize + estate)
RE, Real Estate -- CRY, Crypto -- B, Buy
RE, Real Estate -- CC, Crypto Currency -- LIST, Listings
Thanks Taylor and Lucas I'm sending those to the boss. Will let you know, but I'll probably end up keeping this thread open for a week or until I know of a deadline.

"Were bitcoin meets real estate."

"Where bitcoins go further than you can possibly imagine..."
Thanks Efrimpol, it makes sense but I want to emphasize that the ambiguous words like Bit, realtor, RE, Crypto, Net Shop etc aren't required. It could mean something without meaning like Zolo and Zoopla. Or it could be an anagram of generic names like RedFin which is just Friend and Finder but not FriendFinder. Just throwing out ideas but I think Bit-Realtor and one or two of Taylors sound decent.
On that note, here are some random ones that don't relate to crypto.
Cambin,com (toucans are very personable birds, similar to real estate agents) (like toucan, but parrot, but spelled different)
Thanks Taylor that's warmer. might be of interest.  real bit estate.... Real estate bitcoins..... real estate cryp
Realbites is the best out of the 3 but I'm not huge on using ambiguous names like Real and Bit together. It could be similiar to Zillow or RedFin which have nothing to do with real estate or Fiat currency. Although Realbites sounds like the food industry It is catchy. Someone should buy that lol.
If you find a name and you have to pay a premium and that name happens to be a very good name, it may just be worth paying the premium. However, make sure you are paying just the one time where in subsequent years you are paying the actual registrar.   In perspective, you are starting a nationwide or perhaps worldwide site with large potential.  Paying 1K to 10K for the perfect name would not be out of line for such a big project. - currently open
Scott I agree if it works then any amount would work but private equity funding isn't available at least at the moment so until then the boss is keeping a tight budget. And I can't believe Diginet is open.
Terry, I will discuss these to see if any can work. The best ones so far you definitely have the idea now.
And I can't believe Diginet is open.

It is not, but when I posted, I swear it was. But probably a mistake after checking the whois now.  Good luck!
Any update on if any domains were selected?
We will choose something within a week or two but 99% of the above is already taken. I came up with a dozen or so catchy names myself.

Most generic English words are taken. One strategy is to bid on expiring words at auction. We also have the issue of similar spellings of the word being taken which may lead to issues down the road so we'll have to contact those owners and try and buyout early.
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