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Polycom VVX D60 cordless will not pull IP

We have a Polycom VVX D601 IP phone AND we have a VVX D60 cordless phone that is supposed to register with the base phone.  It's not working.

We recently brought in some new fiber to the dry cleaners and with the fiber, our provider supplied IP phones (Polycom).  The dry cleaners need a cordless phone so the girls can walk around looking for clothes while talking to customers, so, we purchased a VVX D601 base and the VX D60 cordless phone that is supposed to work with the D601.

The cordless base will not pull an IP on the network.  We have plugged in the D60 to the router and it will not DHCP.  If we take the phone to our other office, an office with IP phones and a Xircom PBX, it pulls an IP.  If we take the D60 cordless to other networks that do not have phones, it will not pull an IP.  

Now, you're going to ask why we don't plug it into the switch with our other IP phones and the reason is our provider brought in a Juniper switch for the phones and they assign IPs on a static basis.  If we plug the D60 cordless into the Juniper switch provided by our phone provider, it of course will not pull and IP and our phone provider said they will not turn pan DHCP for us.  

So, my question is, since the base pulls an IP on network 1, which has IP phones and a PBX, but the cordless base will NOT pull an IP on any other network, is that because it's a phone and not a PC?

That's my guess.  The cordless D60 pulls an IP when plugged into a network with an IP phone PBX, but when plugged into any other network without a phone PBX, it will not pull an IP.

I was thinking it should pull and IP if it's plugged into any network with DHCP, but it's not.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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First, is there a DHCP server on the network you're trying to get the phones working on?
If yes, have you ensure the DHCP pool for that VLAN is not depleted or entirely reserved?
If the VoIP vendor isn't willing to use DHCP, it could be because they're unprepared to support a DHCP-based environment.  What is your hesitation in this tiny environment to setting static IPs for *2* devices?
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to revisit, the IP based phone system is up and working at the cleaners.  

we now want to add the VVXD601 and it's accompanying cordless base, the D60.  

the D601 is added (the provider provisioned a port on their switch and configured the D601 for us and it's working great). but the D60 cordless won't pull an IP.  In order to register the cordless D60 with the corded D601, the D60 must pull an IP and you HTTPS into it and configure it.  

the cordless D60 won't pull an IP from the vendors switch, so we were going to plug it in to our network, let it pull an IP (which it does) and then give it a static.  We did that too, but still, the D601 can't "see" the cordless D60.

I noticed that when I plug the cordless D60 into any network with an IP based phone system on it, it pulls an IP but when I plug it into a network without an IP phone system, it will not pull an IP.

The simple fix is for your provider to allow their switch to DHCP, but they refuse (something about having to pay juniper for that service).

My question was simple:  is there some reason the cordless D60 pulls an IP when connected to a network WITH an IP phone system, but will not pull an IP when connected to a network that does not have an IP phone system?
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