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Join several text files into one

I would like to join two as many text files that are found in C:\Files\.... into one file ending in .txt
with no lines that it finds in between the data in one text file and other etc..
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Bill Prew

Make sure you place the joined result file in a different folder, so that you don't concatenate it as well.

also if they are in c:\files and in subfolders, open command windows in files folder and  run below code
for /R %f in (*.txt) do type “%f” >> c:\alltogether.txt
But that adds a carriage return at each line....(and you added too many of those ">>" for the code to work)

just does not add the target "Alltogether.txt" to it,  so copy /b (to avoid any linefeed or special character) to the same folder is just fine. Because it check all the files in the folder, then adds them to another...typical batch...if, wouldn't that lead to an infinite loop? ;-)
But you are right anyway. I would pipe the output to a different folder as well. Just in case.
Thomas I edited it, sorry for typo
nah, no worries...If I would get a penny for all my batch mistakes...I would be a rich man... :-)