Microsoft WORD - How can I highlight all occurrences of a word and Save the Doc ... or Multiple Docs

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Hi All -
#1 I just want to highlight all occurrences of a word and save the Document, without going thru one-by-one ... I have hundreds of Documents.
For example, if it is possible, I want to do a Find/Replace and:
Replace ALL "Automobile"
 "Automobile" <--- This one highlighted or Shaded in Yellow
#2 Is there a tool or way to do this with multiple documents without opening/finding/closing each Document?
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Finance Analyst
In the standard Find/Replace dialog there is an option for replacing with format or highlight.

Enter the Find criteria and then go to the Replace criteria input and input the same and then click the More button and choose the Format option at the bottom.
Replace with format


Brilliant thank you!
Rob HensonFinance Analyst

Glad to help, don't know how you'd go about doing it for multiple documents. Might be worth raising as a separate question.

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