Magento getIsInStock error

Boon Chye Phang
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Magento CE having server 500 error on some product pages. The error message is:
Call to a member function getIsInStock() on null

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PHP fatal error
Why it happened and how do I fix it?
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Looks like ->getIsInStock() was called on a NULL object.

You'll just have to dig into your version of Magento + figure out how to fix this.

Likely, you had some SQL sequence of statements run outside a transaction, which was aborted... so you have partial data in your database which causes Magento to think there's an object to work on + then when the object instantiation occurs... the object can't really be created completely.

If you turn on debugging in Magento, then check your logs, likely you'll find clues about how to fix this.

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