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query performance question.  I have a query that uses multiple databases(the databases are all on the same instance of sql).  The query takes about a minute to complete.  This is acceptable, but when ssrs runs off this dataset, it is painfully slow.   4 to 5 minutes to render.  

1) is it normal for there to be a drop off in the speed of ssrs displaying the results as compared to the actual speed of the query in ssms.  I suspect there should be but, is 4 to 5 times something that i should be wary of?
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How big (number of rows and row size) is the record set returned by the query? Alternatively you could try make it SP instead of SSRS query.
Also, does it takes that long to render executed ON the SSRS Server or on a client via the browser.


We redesigned the query...  it runs better now

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