Use group policy to install application with .EXE file

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What steps can be used to create a Server 2016 group policy to install an application with an .EXE file on Windows 10 client computers?
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You will need to create either a start up or logon script as one method.

The other is to create a new scheduled task via Group Policy Preferences to run at specific time.

I think the scheduled task is the easier method.

Do you have the switches needed to install without any user interaction?  Without this you will never get it to run.
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yo_bee's correct.
The author is asking another anonymous question about exe to msi conversion, by the way.

About scheduled tasks: we can use immediate tasks, here, to make it install as soon as possible.
yo_bee's correct.
try script something like below

Be sure that the computer accounts have read access to your share. They need both share and NTFS permissions. You can do this by adding domain computers to the permissions.

check for the application exists
if exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Program Name" set TargetDir=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Program Name"
if exist "%TargetDir%\%InstallRev.txt" goto Finish

"\\fileshare\Client Installation\setup.exe -q"


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