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Getting a feeling for podcasting

Getting a feeling for podcasting

I am about to launch my own podcast, but have little experience with podcasting.

Does a mobile user need a podcasting app? If so, what are the popular one for the iPhone?

I assume I could download it and see how various podcasts are displayed and accessed within the app. This would be very educational for me.

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I have a WP site but was told that it wold take 12-16 hours to integrate a podcast theme. I just want to start distributing audio through the big channels, like iTunes, as quickly as possible.

Is PowerPress a theme? How much effort to upgrade to use that plug-in?
You don't really require a Podcast theme.

Just check out PowerPress.

I tend to use GeneratePress (theme) + Elementor or Beaver (Page Builders) + the RibbonLite theme works great for Podcasts too.
Thanks a lot.