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How do I get list all the users  using the vbapp.exe.
I am using desktop app.

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i assume it is your own vb app where you want to know who is using it?

the first you can do is to write a setup program which was needed before the app can be used.

the setup program could ask for a user name and mail address then you send a link to the user which must be used by the user in order to finish the installation. the call back allows you to add the new user in some list (at a web server or web service).

if you additionally want to know how many different windows users were using your app, you would need to add a function to your app which recognizes that the app was used by a new user (different from users before). you would need something like a cookie in order to store the users. unfortunately you were not allowed to send this information without permission. a solution could be to offer a website which evaluates the cookie when the user was online. however, it is still necessary that you ask for permission because it is illegal to retrieve personal information from user's without this.




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