Issues with Mac users and a Windows Share

We have a group of Mac's (High Sierra) connecting via SMB to our Windows Server 2016 share.

When they browse folders on the share without opening files, the files within that folder show up in "Open Files" within "Computer Management" on the server; if they leave that folder, they remain in "Open Files".

When they try to rename a browsed folder, they get a permissions error (because the file is open)

Is there a way to stop the Mac marking these files as open?
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
can i see a screenshot showing the files as “open”?
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
While this page is a year old, it discusses the problem with Mac "file locks" on SMB shares. There are a few workarounds mentioned.  Main suggestion is to disable FileIDs (in /etc/nsmb.conf )

Also note if this is a common problem and you want your Mac to work well in a Windows environment, I recommend Thursby's DAVE software. A bit pricey but it adds a full blown commercial grade Microsoft DFS and Microsoft SMB/CIFS on Macs so they behave well. Licenses are around $120 or cheaper in quantity. (I do not work for them, but I have used the software in the past to solve Windows/Mac problems.)
arcitsolAuthor Commented:
Hi Owen,

We tried this article before upgrading the Mac to Mojave - it didn't resolve the problem.

I believe it was a solution to another problem with similar symptoms.

3rd Party software isn't really an option as it is only a single update away from breaking.
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The only real way is to replace Apple's SMB with SAMBA.  Apple rewrote their own SMB when SAMBA went to GPLv3 and basically broke many things.  The error messages on the Mac don't even match the error messages seen from the Windows side.
Owen RubinConsultantCommented:
I did not know that serialband. Good to know.
7 years ago, they decided to do away with SAMBA and write their own SMB
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