Exchange 2010 Mailbox... inbox has been moved outside of "top of information store"

One of our user is missing there inbox.   After researching we found the inbox was somehow moved outside of the root folder.     It located outside of the "top of information store"   how can we move this back?
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IvanSystem EngineerCommented:

I have not tried it with Inbox, but with all other folders, you can simple "drag and drop" them. Have you tried it?

Zoldy2000Author Commented:
Since you cannot see it in outlook I am not sure how to even try that...    We can only see it using utilities.
IvanSystem EngineerCommented:
What happends if you start Outlook in safe mode outlook.exe /safe or with outlook.exe /cleanviews
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Zoldy2000Author Commented:
We can try this but this issue is at the exchange level.    Meaning I don't believe its an outlook issue.    Will post back.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
No change using those commands
Hani M .S. Al-habshiContributor as IT ExpertCommented:
Create New Folder call  "inbox"
copy all content from old Inbox to new Inbox
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
you cannot see the "inbox" so you cannot copy the messages.     And new messages are not delivered to the "new" inbox
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
1st, do you see the inbox?
2nd is it the same if you open OWA and view the mailbox?
3rd in outlook at the bottom click Mail > Folder (see screen shot)
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
Outlook can only view folders under the folder (top of information store)... so when you open outlook there is no inbox.    This is the issue.    By using a utility we can see the inbox ... it has been moved somehow outside of this folder.     We are tying to figure out how to move it back.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
If the inbox folder is truly missing then you will need to use MFCMapi to unhide the inbox folder. See the below link and follow the directions to unhide that folder. You will need to download the MFCMapi tool:

Just a note you will need to run this tool on the user's computer where outlook exists or give yourself full access to the mailbox and map the mailbox to your outlook profile and then run it. Either way, but make sure outlook is closed when using MFCMapi.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
The folder is not hidden... I will attach a screen shot to help explain my issue.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
When you say "Outlook can only view folders under the folder (top of information store)... so when you open outlook there is no inbox. "

That means it's hidden because you can't delete the inbox, and if you open outlook and its no where to be found, it's hidden.
timgreen7077Exchange EngineerCommented:
You will need to use MFCMapi to restore that folder. Just following the instructions carefully and look at the property and see if it matches the MS article and if so, make the change to fix it.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
See attached screen shot of a normal user then the effected user.    Notice the effected user does not have an inbox under the "top of information store" folder.     This is why outlook cannot see it.     It has been moved not hidden to a folder outside of the "top of information store"     the "root" folder that cannot be see by outlook.
Zoldy2000Author Commented:
The folder is not hidden it has been moved.   The very article you refer to says to look for the folder under "top of information store"   its not there...    its been moved.   This is the issue.
SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
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Zoldy2000Author Commented:
For anyone else experiencing this issue.    The issue was not that the inbox was missing it was moved.   Using this tool MFCMapi we could see the users inbox was not in the correct sub folder.   After many attempts to resolve we ended up contacting Microsoft and it was resolved by recreating the mailbox and importing all the items back in.

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