Pulling json formatted data from table and accessing info within that data

Alex Lord
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How do i work with this data ?

above is the column

below is the data structure in this column

data structure
i am formatting it as json in the column but how do i access is on php from i pull it from the data and select the values of ids i want ?
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David FavorFractional CTO
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Do something like this...

$obj = json_decode($json);

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Then access $obj data as a nested hash... maybe like...

$campaign = $obj->{"output"}->{"campaign"};

$obj->{"output"}->{"campaign"} = "new-campaign-name";

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Assuming you already have a PDO connection to your DB, something like this maybe:

$data = $db->query("SELECT CHANNEL FROM yourTable WHERE id = 1");
$json = $data->fetchColumn();

$channel = json_decode($json);

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That will pull the CHANNEL data from your table where the Record ID is 1 (filter the query anyway you like). It then json_decodes that data into an object called $channel. You can then access the data like any other object:

echo $channel->referrer;
echo $channel->output->campaign;
echo $channel->output->channel;
echo $channel->output->type;

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