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I was local users to remotely access Scheduled Tasks on a Windows 2008r Server...We have a Windows 2008r2 Domain

I need to allow users to remotely run and view scheduled jobs in a Windows 2008r. I was hoping they could just open their local Windows 7 or 10 Scheduled Tasks and point to the server in question and view the Tasks. I would rather not give them local admin rights on the server. I have been playing with ICACLS commands and the /grant          :f  appears to run but users get a message "you do not have access to this computer" when they try to connect. I have made the the users and my security group I am experimenting with have RDP permissions. Does anyone know if a way to make this happen?
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Flag of United States of America image explains how to do this using ICACLS. You can also just open the tasks folder (“%SYSTEMROOT%\Tasks”) and grant a user group permission to read & execute items in that folder.
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OH...McKnife I think that is what's killing me.....I have already followed the Jet Support article above
I just wondered if you could follow my idea.
You wrote "I need to allow users to remotely run...", yet the link you are trying to use is not helping with launching tasks from remote.
You need to follow my idea.