is Domain Users Group  important.

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is Domain Users Group  important.

I would like to know if it is important to add a user account to domain users group. If I do not add the user account to Domain Users group, will that prevent user account from logging to the Domain ?

Thank you
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It is important, yes. It is the default AD group that holds all users in a Domain. Users should be added to that group by default, and if they are not a member of it, yes, they can fail to log in (by default).
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By default when you create new user, it becomes member of domain users ad group, it is primary group for that user account
Yiu can change it by adding another group and convert / declare it as primary group
Once you set another group as primary you can even remove domain users group
By default all users get logon locally rights on client os regardless of which group is primary
If you remove that, u will face issues where domain users ha e assigned access, apart from that i don't see any impact


Thank you Guys!

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